Bob Lawson's Ohio River Scenes - Previous and New in 2020

Here's what Bob has to say.....

Bruce... I am sending a few photos that follow the northern end of my river scene. Ohio is on the left and Kentucky on the right.

I will send you a sketch of the river's path during the next few weeks.

It's beginning is supposed to be about 15 miles east of downtown Cincinnati.

The first 15 lft. will be from west to east. The photo of a finished area is where the passenger/freight sternwheeler is shown as Pymale Transportation. The small building has ticketing on the left and freight, all small, on the right. The scene will have travelers coming to the riverboat by auto, bus, and rail passenger coach. This scene has passengers going to the dock to get on the riverboat. The other side has several men wheeling boxes and barrels down the ramp to load. The other photos are about 10 lft. to the east. The river scene makes the turn north as shown.

Once it passes the dock where grain is loaded into barges it turns back west and disappears into a mirror.

This is fun for me. I have built 100s of industries, and more for years. The river will have good rail operation plus the focus is on the river activities.

I look forward to working with you again. I plan to work only on the river area next year until I reasonably complete it. If the virus issue ends at some point, a few of my friends want to work on the regular operating RR sections.

Thanks... Bob

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