Fred Dole

Fred builds the H134-O lobster boat and he writes:
"It was the last detail I needed for my Westchester Harbor scene on my 24x36 WSR (Westchester & Salmon River) O gauge railroad.
The original "Betselma" was a 1940's vintage scallop boat converted into a tourist boat in Camden Maine. Her captain, Les Bex, is a close friend and last year he sold her and "retired".
I thought it fitting to name this lobster boat "Betselma II" in honor of Les. This boat is not an exact duplicate of the original Betselma, but close enough for my purposes.
BTW, you can look the original Betselma up at

The trawler in the photo is a scratch built model I made a few years ago for this scene. Unfortunately, my arthritic fingers don't work so well anymore and I've not gotten the rigging done. Someday!
Ditto with building your O scale lobster traps; hence the ones you see in the pix."

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