Michael Ontko builds the N Scale Sardine Carrier

Michael mentions......
I purchased your N scale sardine carrier and work boat models about a month ago. I completed the sardine carrier a few days ago and I have attached some photos herewith. I think the model came out okay. I made a few changes as you can see from the pictures. I added some straight pieces of wood to the hull to support the mainmast shrouds (many real sailing ships had these as well but I don’t know the nautical term for them) and a drain for the bilge pump. I found some thread in the sewing box which was light tan in color which I thought looked better than the white thread in the kit. If I were to do the model over again, I would not use wood dowels for the masts and booms but steel music wire. This would allow me to use skinnier masts that can still withstand handling.

I plan to start your work boat soon. I will let you know how it comes out.

M. E. Ontko
Costa Mesa, CA

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