James Owens H115-HO Sardine carrier

Jim say:
These are some views of my South Bay harbor scene, a free lanced Southern CA container pier on my Santa Fe/BNSF themed HO layout. Your H115-HO Sardine Coastal Freight Carrier is shown at it's slip below Captain Jack's Seafood Restaurant and Charter Fishing. We used to frequent the real Capt. Jack's in Oxnard, CA when we lived there in the 1980s!

I built a special pier below my scratch built restaurant, with a slip sized for the model. Of course, all watercraft must be properly secured and protected when in port as you will note with the cleats lines, and bumpers (I fashioned out of plastic sprue material).

I used a Navy blue below the gunwale, put two whip antenna on the cabin roof, and a few other little touches to my liking. There was no material for the Sampson posts, so I used brass tubing of the same diameter. I grew up on the water, am retired U. S. Navy, and kept to boating after retirement.

In my model train world history, the boat was shipped to Long Beach by flatcar in the 1970s, then piloted to Oxnard Channel Islands to Capt. Jack's landing.

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