Rod Vance

Rod writes:
"The riverfront scenery on my HO scale Willow Creek Railroad layout is nearing completion, and features my rendition of your beautiful Coastal Passenger Steam Ferry. I wanted to share the attached photos with you, as you request on your gallery web page.
The riverfront area is quite active and features a railroad car float and the passenger ferry -- the Patty Sue (named after my wife). The pictures show the Patty Sue preparing to dock at the river port of Bucky's Crossing. Ferry service is provided between Bucky's Crossing and the sister ports of Alta and Concorde on the Naugatuck River, and is a popular trip for folks. The layout is set in the early 1950's.
Thanks for producing such a super kit. It was a most enjoyable kit-building project, and the ferry is doing a great job servicing the needs of Bucky's Crossing."


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